Dentures in Campbelltown

A denture can replace missing teeth and adjacent tissues. Although it can be argued that they are one of the traditional and at times, forgotten alternatives to dealing with tooth loss, dentures today still regarded as very efficient dental solutions.

Here at Campbelltown Dental Care, we provide only the most modern choices when it comes to your new dentures.

There are various kinds of dentures available for you. Choosing the right one would be very crucial. Your trusted dentist in Campbelltown can help you decide which type fits your needs.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures replace the entire rows of your teeth. People who have lost most or all of their natural teeth due to many reasons need complete dentures. These can improve the appearance of your smile, enhance your chewing ability and speech, and help in making you look younger by providing sufficient support for your facial muscles. You can receive a full denture treatment on your both jaws upper and lower.

Partial dentures

Having a partial denture is a solution when only several teeth are missing. The removable partial denture is one method to replace empty spaces and gaps in your smile. This type of denture usually consists of gum-coloured plastic bases which are connected by metal framework. Removable partial dentures are attached to your natural teeth using metal clasps or devices, called precision attachments.

Also, partial dentures can be fixed into your jaw by being attached to Dental Crowns. Dental crowns fitted on your healthy teeth improve the fit of your partial dentures. Unlike before, dentures can now provide you the comfort and convenience which is at par with other modern replacement options for missing teeth.

There are a number of modern and effective dental solutions that deal with tooth loss. Here at Campbelltown Dental Care, we provide you with state-of-the-art Dentures in Campbelltown and other dental treatments under Restorative Dentistry that bring back the perfect smile that you have always wanted.

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