We understand that going to the dentist can be prohibitively expensive, especially if it’s an emergency that comes from chipping a tooth or suddenly developing a toothache. But if treatment is delayed, your teeth and overall health can suffer as a result. For this reason, it’s vital to receive the dental treatment you need as soon as you can.

At Campbelltown Dental Care, we aim to alleviate financial pressure and help fit important dental work into your budget by offering an interest free, no deposit payment plan. We also offer zipPay – a flexible new payment system that allows you to buy products or take advantage of services now and pay later. Perfect for those unforeseen trips to the dentist for you and your family!

What is zipPay and How Does it Work?

zipPay is a multi-purpose account that allows you to shop on the internet or take advantage of services in-store up to an approved account limit. You have the flexibility to pay within a determined interest-free period from the date of purchase, or pay later with a competitive interest rate, with monthly repayments starting at just $40. For more information on zipPay, including interest rates, fees and charges, click here to read our zipPay page.

Flexible Payment Options to Help You

No one plans to chip a tooth or require an emergency filling, but when the worst occurs, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. To discuss our payment plan options that allow for treatment sooner rather than later, contact Campbelltown Dental Care today.