“No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses”

Our dental experts at Campbelltown Dental Care pride themselves in giving the local Campbelltown community and its surrounding areas exceptional, world-class dental care.

Our team makes it their everyday mission to provide you with only the very best treatments modern dentistry has to offer – including a comprehensive range of general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures that addresses the needs of you and your family.

At Campbelltown Dental Care, we believe that high quality dental care in Campbelltown should not be a luxury but a right of everybody. As such, our practice, built on the cornerstone of optimising your oral health, is committed to providing our patients with first-rate services at the most reasonable prices possible.

Highest Quality Dental Care

It is not unheard of for people not to visit their dentist out of a sheer unwillingness to spend on simple dental procedures. More often than not, however, these same people eventually end up requiring more complex dental treatments when their earlier and simpler dental concerns progress into more chronic dental conditions.

As such, they end up spending more than they would have, had they visited their dentist Campbelltown in the first place.

Campbelltown Dental Care fully understands this occasional hesitation and the many consequences that come with it. Being a practice dedicated to making comprehensive dental services available to everyone, Campbelltown Dental Care offers NO GAP payment scheme to patients with recognised Australian private health insurers. NO GAP payment in Campbelltown Dental Care is applicable to the following restorative and preventive dental services:

No Additional Fees, Charges Whatsoever

Simply put, NO GAP payment in Campbelltown Dental Care means that as long as your health fund covers your general dental treatments, you are spared from any out-of-pocket expense that you would, otherwise, make to your dentist. As long as your health fund covers for each treatment and you have not spend your annual benefit limit, there is no reason for you to spend even a single cent from your own pocket – no additional payments, fees, and charges whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions for No Gap

  • Please note that our no gap policy only applies if your limit for dental has not been reached on your health fund.
  • Each no gap item number must have a description of “approved” and with a benefit amount in order to be termed as no gap.
  • We are not responsible for knowing your health fund policy conditions and limits. You are responsible for knowing your own health fund policies, which can be found by contacting your health fund.
  •  No gap policies only apply to patients who present their health fund card on the day of treatment and the card presented is in working order, is not expired and all payments are up to date. If your health fund is down, not contactable, or no card is presented at the time of treatment then we reserve the right to charge you the full fee cost of your treatment.

Campbelltown Dental Care is committed to giving you the most affordable prices that your health fund allows us. Our practice is affiliated with the following health insurers –

  • CBHS Preferred Provider

Campbelltown Dental Care also accepts members from all Australian health insurers, including but not limited to:

  • AHM
  • Australian Unity
  • BUPA
  • Defence Health
  • Frank Health Insurance
  • GU Health
  • HCF
  • Manchester Unity
  • Medibank
  • Navy Health
  • NIB
  • People Care Health
  • RT Health
  • Teachers Federation Health

For more information about high-quality dental treatments, visit Campbelltown Dental Care. Our practice houses a team of dental experts who safeguards your oral health 7 days a week. To know more about Campbelltown Dental Care, get in touch with us at 02 4620 5919, or simply book an appointment online.