Root Canal Treatment In Campbelltown

Root Canal Treatment in Campbelltown

Every year, the smiles of millions of people are saved by root canal treatment. Otherwise known as endodontics, this procedure is essentially a branch of modern dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and relevant treatment of an infected, injured, or dead dental pulp.

Infection of the pulp causes inflammation and diabolical dental pain. These occur when mouth-dwelling bacteria gains access into the inner parts of your teeth. If not treated immediately, the infection often leads to the chronic accumulation of pus. In worst cases, it leads to the death of your teeth, and possibly in jawbone loss.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

  • During a standard root-canal procedure, your dentist Campbelltown removes the infected dental pulp.
  • After which, your dentist thoroughly and carefully cleans and disinfects the inside of the infected tooth.
  • The tooth is then restored with a rubber-like filling material called glutta-percha.
  • Lastly, a dental crown is fitted onto the teeth for added protection.

Advantages Of Root Canal Treatment

Much like routine dental fillings, root canal treatment is a procedure completed within 1 to 2 visits. Thanks to the many significant advancements that modern dentistry has seen over the recent years, you can very much expect a comfortable experience during and after the procedure.

There are many advantages in undergoing root canal treatment instead of traditional tooth extraction. Since you are able to save your natural teeth, root canal treatment allows you to preserve your natural smile. Additionally, root canal treatment allows you to preserve normal chewing dynamics and natural biting sensation. Perhaps, more importantly, root canal treatment protects your teeth from excessive wear and tear.

Root Canal Treatment In Campbelltown

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