Regular Dental Checkup In Campbelltown

Half a century ago, few people had the right idea on how to properly take care of their teeth and gums. Back then, there were no existing guidelines on how often people should visit their dentists.

Dentists, at that time, were generally focused on fixing problems rather than actively preventing them. As a result, oral health of millions and millions of people were far from healthy.

How Often Should I Visit My Dentist

Since then, dental organizations from all around the world have decided to take a more preventive stance on modern dentistry. Today, as a general rule of thumb, people visit their dentist Campbelltown at least twice a year for their regular dental examination.

While six months is generally the safe number when it comes to setting a regular appointment with your local dentist, there are people who need to see their dentist more frequently. These people are often those with higher risks of developing dental and periodontal diseases.

These include, among others, chronic smokers, those with compromised immune system, and those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

What Happens During Dental Checkup

Different dentists generally have different ways of conducting routine dental checkups. At every visit, however, most dentists

… conduct a careful examination of your gums and teeth.

… provide you with relevant lifestyle advice

… conduct regular oral cancer screening

Advantages Of Having Regular Dental Checkup

  • Regular visits to your local dentist prevent any existing dental and periodontal problems from progressing to more advanced oral health anomalies that could pose serious problems to you general health.
  • Regular dental checkups allow your dentist to screen your mouth for any possible sign of oral cancer. When detected in its early stages, the chances of surviving oral cancer skyrocket to 90%.
  • Regular dental checkups spare you from tooth loss. When you visit your dentist Campbelltown regularly, you are actively allowing your dentist to prevent the onset of gum disease, which is the most prominent cause of tooth loss among adults. 

Regular Dental Checkup In Campbelltown

There is arguably no better way to promote and preserve optimal oral health than by frequently and regularly visiting your dentist Campbelltown.

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