Dentist Campbelltown: The Aesthetic Advantages Of Dental Implants

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Dentist Campbelltown: The Aesthetic Advantages Of Dental ImplantsWhen your natural teeth are lost, there happens a gradual and continuous shrinkage of the jawbone.

While the more traditional dentures and bridges are perfectly able to restore missing dental crowns, these devices do very little in terms of preserving the natural integrity of the jaw.

This is exactly where dental implants in Campbelltown Dental Care come in.

The Aesthetic Function Of Your Teeth

The aesthetic function of a healthy set of teeth goes beyond that of a smile. In terms of facial anatomy, the teeth provide the structural framework that supports the soft tissues of the lips and cheeks.

Every time a tooth gets knocked out off your mouth, this dental framework is altered. The more teeth you lose, the more this dental framework is distorted until, eventually, ruined. This, then, is what causes for the soft tissues of your lips and cheeks to collapse inwards, resulting to a more aged appearance.

Dental Crowns And Titanium Tooth Roots

Traditionally, full or partial dentures and dental bridges are used to treat tooth loss. While these devices do a fantastic job in replacing missing dental crowns, they lack a significant dimension that is crucial to a more comprehensive tooth loss treatment – preserving jawbone integrity.

Implants-based replacement, on the other hand, is designed to not only to replace visible dental crowns, but also to emulate the anatomical and aesthetic functions of a real tooth. A real tooth has a tooth root that stimulates the necessary activity to keep the bone of the jaw strong and dense. Popularly made of titanium, dental implants are fixed into your jaw to perform natural tooth root function.

Dentist In Campbelltown

There is no point in suffering through the dreadful physical and social discomforts that result from tooth loss. For high quality dental treatments, visit your local Dentist Campbelltown. Campbelltown Dental Centre is a family-oriented dental practice unceasingly provides exceptional dental care to Campbelltown and surrounding regions. Call us on 02 4620 5919 or book your appointment online and claim your FREE dental consultation today!


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