Dentist Campbelltown: Staying Cancer-Free One Dental Checkup At A Time

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Dentist Campbelltown: Staying Cancer-Free One Dental Checkup At A Time Visiting your local dentist regularly can save your life. During dental checkup, your dentist Campbelltown does so much more than just check for signs of dental and periodontal diseases.

During dental checkup, your dentist actively screens for symptoms of oral cancer.

Your Dentist Campbelltown can easily examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer by inspecting your lips, gums, tongue, the insides of your cheeks, the roof and floor of your mouth, and your hard and soft palate. 

When detected early enough, oral cancer is easily curable. Such cases have, in fact, a 90% survival rate.

What Are The Signs Of Oral Cancer

During oral cancer screening, your dentist Campbelltown is looking for any sign that is symptomatic of a cancerous growth. These signs include the following:

  • Red or white patches
  • Sores that do not heal
  • Tenderness
  • Lumps
  • Bleeding

Other signs that might be indicative of oral cancer include numbness, pain, and tenderness.

A noticeable shift in the way your teeth fit and feel whenever you bite down on something might also be symptomatic of oral cancer. Signs also include any unexplained speaking, chewing, and swallowing difficulties.

Risk Factors

A good number of risk factors for oral cancer are deeply rooted in behaviors that could have been easily avoided. People who smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, and those who consume smokeless tobacco are at a high risk of developing the disease. The same goes with people who are heavy drinkers. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention considers heavy drinkers as men who consume at least two drinks everyday, and women who consume at least one. Frequent over-exposure to the sun is also known to cause lip cancer.

Dentist In Campbelltown

Keeping a regular appointment with your Dentist Campbelltown goes a long way in preserving optimal oral health and general wellbeing. Campbelltown Dental Care is a family-centered dental practice that provides exceptional dental care to the local Campbelltown community and its surrounding regions.

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